REFORME II – Adapting e-Learning to Reforme – Training Network in Europe for the Construction Sector, 2009-TR1-LEO05-08705

Creativechildren academy: Bulgaria traditions, customs and culture

Town Twinning Accelerator: The new era for the Town-Twinning Relationships in the corner of the South East Europe

Municipalities, social institutions and NGOs – partners for capacity building of the integration policy

ADDED VALUE – Marketing and Awareness to Accompany big Investments / infrastructure in Transport

CONNECT – Developing and disseminating excellent mobility management measures for young people

ADD HOME – Mobility Management for Housing Areas from Car Dependency towards Free Modal Choice

SECHURBA – Sustainable Energy Communities in Historic Urban Areas

Twin Cities: promoting cultural dialoguefora common European future

Innovative practicesforcapacity buildingof civilsocietyand encouraging partnershipswithlocal authorities and businesses

ENERGY 21 – Strategy for Energy Sustainability and Strengthening of the Planning of the Energy Use in Sustainable or Potentially Sustainable Municipalities

Establishment of the Black Sea Regional Agency fo Energy Management (BSRAEM)

Establishment of the Dobrich Local Agency for Energy Management

Establishment of the Burgas Regional Agency for Energy Management

Initiative for thesustainable and efficientmanagement capacityof local communities inBulgarianBlack Sea Region

Magic Stone Forest: Development and promotionof eco-tourismwith the participationof local communities

IDEQUA – strengthening theregional identityof the touristregionsfrom the Baltic tothe Aegean Sea

STREAM – sustainable tourism and re-creation as an opportunity to promote alternative mobility

Innovativepractices for improvinglocal government.PartII:Improvingthe management capacity oflocal authorities

BlackMunicipalNetwork:Innovative Practicesfor Prevention ofAddictions

Localmonitoringthe transparency oflocal government,local mediaandanti-corruption initiativesin the municipality ofBurgas

Eastern Europeanintegration processand partnershipbetween municipalities

Europeanintegration through thefull participation ofyoung peoplein the activities oflocal authorities

Innovative practicesto mobilizecommunityresources

YouthPartnershipencouragesdebate andexchange of experiencefor the future ofEurope

Youthin the Balkanswith a view toa united Europe

Roleof municipalitiesin the construction ofwholesale markets foragricultural products

PartnersforEnvironmental Initiativesand Sustainable Development

Innovativemodulesto improvelocal government

Demonstration project “Supply and installation of solar collector systemin kindergarten4″Violet “– Varna”

Information centersto servecitizens in thepilot communitiesofthe Black Sea region

Civildialogue onsocially responsibleenergy policyin Varna region

Creation of the Black SeaAgency for Energy Efficiency

Ecological TourisminBulgarianBlack Sea Coast

Institutional andfinancial strengtheningof UBBSLA